Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm on Misako Aoki's book!!

On 2009, the japanese model Misako Aoki came to Barcelona as "Kawaii embassor" from Japan, and with Yu Kimura, they were at the first Tea Party fom the japanese brand "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright".

So, as today I was wearing my BSSB Halloween printed skirt (my favourite one), I discovered that Misako has released a book with her "adventures" around the world... and I'm there, with lots of pictures! If you click on the picture below, you can see it bigger! I was wearing in some of those pictures my red lolita dress, and my punk putumayo skirt in some others!

So, isn't it nice?
Polka dots top - Cache Cache
Halloween Skirt - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Bag - Shirley Temple
Hat - Oysho
Sunglasses - Vintage


  1. Pero que reguapa estás siempre con sombreritos! Y como no vas a salir tú en el libro de Misako Aoki, Misako siempre se junta con gente chachi!

  2. Que guay!! Que envidia cochina!
    Todavia tengo atragantado no haber podido ir.. DD:

  3. Ohhh que guay *___* y esta chica, siempre va tan guapa!

  4. que guai felicidades por salir ains que envidia siempre vas remonisima <33

  5. Que genial *O* me encantaria conocer a Misako tambien ♥

  6. que chula sales :D me gustaría conocerla, es tan bonita *__* y ve ahi salen Candy y Ruth jeje

  7. La Misako es una desgraciada!! Yo con estrés, perdiendo pelo y vida por tenerla como una reina y aquellos que no me dejaban ni respirar y poniéndome de su canguro...Y NI SALGO!!! xDDDDD


  8. looks simple but interesting in wearing


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