Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is coming... I can see it... oh, no!

And that "Oh, no!" isn't because the colors, and the flowers and life... is because that means that the hot weather is coming back! And I almost din't used my leopard fur coat, no!

This makes me thing about why people use to wear dark colors on winter, and bright colors on summer. Since I'm back in the color-life (as I've been dressing for a long time only in black), I love to use bright colors on winter... and dark colors on summer. Yes, of course, the opposite, as always.


But this may change. As I saw at the last Brandery Winter Edition, at the WGNS meeting... bright colors are coming for next winter. Of course, the darks are gonna be there as always, but we're seeing a palette of nude, light blues and whites during 2011. This makes me feel happy, seems that, finally, people are loosing their "fear" about wearing colors during winter... yes!

And, talking about colors, here you've got some pictures from our second photoshoot at Cache Cache... we're seconds on the ranking, wow!

I was wearing:
Cardigan & Skirt -  Cache Cache (English Rose collection)
Tights - H&M Divided
Beret & socks - Primark
Shoes - Mustang

And yes... I'm coming back little by little... yaw!

Thanks for reading and your lovely comments!


  1. como siempre, unas fotos muy chulas!, y me gusta ese momento floral, estáis muy guapas!
    Y tienes razón, nada de limitarse a colores oscuros porque sea invierno: hay que romper algunas normas más!!

  2. I love your outfit - it has several of my favourite things - floral, coloured tights and wedges with ankle straps - you're so gorgeous!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Here we are waiting for the autumn to come, and it will be beautiful! I hope you enjoy this spring. Wear a lot of bright colors and be happy, hey!

  4. Pues a mí me da una pere(za) el verano!
    Soy de los que prefiere el invierno!


  5. Y a mí que me da la impresión de que cada vez estás volviendo más al dark side... No te resistas al lado oscuro, tenemos galletitas ;-)

  6. Veo que lo sigues pasando bien, eso es lo importante. Yo ando desaparecida del plano, pero a veces me doy una vuelta por mis blogs favoritos :)

  7. Qué original, nos encanta tu estilo!!


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