Friday, March 20, 2020

Visiting the Schuttersgalerij at Kalverstraat

Hey there, stranger; 

How are you doing? I hope you're safe at home, taking care of yourself and the ones you love. Seems that we are gonna be stuck together for a while, and although I don't wanna spend my days in front of the laptop, I'm gonna try to update this a little bit more frequently with nice places I've been discovering around The Netherlands, so you have something to read and look forward when all the quarantines end.

A couple of weeks ago, before all the madness started in Europe, I met my beloved Cassie for a treat to ourselves having some delicious brunch and a nice walk around Amsterdam. 

We started our date at G's, a super nice place in the Jordaan where they serve brunches all-day, a dream come true! Here in The Netherlands the Lolita community normally meet for high teas (which for me are something completely new), but I was missing a place where I could have a super nice brunch like when I was living in Barcelona. G's was the first brunch place I've been here (I was here once before) and one of my favourites to enjoy a good brunch. 

From Jordaan we walked to Kalverstraat, passing by a cool toy store and a liquor store where they had real absinthe, just to finish our stroll at an open part of the Amsterdam museum, the Schuttersgalerij, or to be more precise, the part where they explain the story of the building. 

The Amsterdam Museum is located nowadays in a former St. Lucien monastery in the Middle Ages. In 1579, the Amsterdam Burgerweeshuis (the local orphanage) moved in and stayed there until 1960. During that time, the building has undergone many renovations. Only orphans whose parents had been burglars of the city of Amsterdam could end up in the former orphanage on the Kalverstraat. The children received a good education: the boys learned crafts, such as woodworking and the like, while the girls were taught handicrafts.

I totally recommend pass through this part of the museum, since it's for free and you learn some of the histories of the city, super interesting!

For that day I was wearing "The Cabinet of Curiosities" skirt for the first time, the lovely collaboration between Peppermint Fox and Violet Fane. of course, Antonia the Mouse was coming with me, and this beautiful mourning brooch from The Bat in the Hat. I was also wearing this beautifully embroidered shirt from my granny, way too big for me, but that I love!

And what about Cassie? 

She was wearing this beautiful hoodie dress made by herself! Cassie is a very talented designer and seamstress, and she makes amazing garments and accessories for her brand, Daturadoll Design. Please, have a look at her website and Instagram, and support her! She deserves some love and support! Also, I love her personal style, you can see on her Instagram that she has an amazing taste and she's the best ambassador of her own brand.

Coord rundown: 
Shirt - My granny's <3
Skirt - The Cabinet of curiosities by Peppermint Fox x Violet Fane
Brooches - Peppermint Fox, The Bat in the Hat
Shoes - Vintage
Bag - Vintage

Remember o stay safe and wash your hands!

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