Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Before Ciara

Hey there, stranger.

Last weekend was a long (and much needed) weekend for me. Also, a weekend to stay at home since we had the storm, Ciara, on top of our heads! Or at least, that was our main idea until, of course, we decided to do one of our favourite things during our spare time: visit a museum!

 Our initial idea was visiting the Westfries Museum at Hoorn, but due to the storm lots of trains were cancelled, so we decided not to take the risk and we paid a visit to the lovely Kaasmuseum (cheese museum) here in Alkmaar. 

The Kaasmuseum was founded in Alkmaar in 1983 and it's located in the historic Waaggebouw (weighing house), which was built in the 14th century. The day was quite dark, so I don't have any photos of the beautiful facade of the building, but we manage to take some nice shots inside the museum. 

This is not an art museum, but a history museum that explains from the process of making cheese to how the industry has evolved. You can see lots of old instruments that were used to make cheese, some of them they're still using nowadays!

The origins of the Kaasmuseum lie in the creation of the Stichting Hollands Zuivelarchief on 23 April 1969. The aim of this foundation is to collect objects and machines relating to the history of the dairy industry and the preparation of dairy products; that's why you can see lots of interesting objects here. 

When we were almost finishing our visit one of the lovely employees of the Kaasmuseum told us that, due to the storm, they were closing earlier, so we grab our coats and went back home before Ciara arrived. Anyway, I could get some shots of my outfit that day at home! 


This lovely Alice & The Pirates skirt is one of my newest acquisitions, and oh, boy! Such a jewel! The black velveteen print is simply gorgeous and she golden sparks from the fabric give it a magical touch! A very gothic outfit for a proper winter day. Don't miss also this beautiful handmade rosary necklace by Tierra Negra Jewelry! I was looking for the perfect one and I found it with them.

Blouse - Hell Bunny
Skirt - Alice & The Pirates
Boots - Stradivarius (old)
Flower corsage - Triple Fortune
Rosary necklace - Tierra Negra
Bag - ahcahcum muchacha

How was your weekend? Did you manage with the storm?     

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Every time that you lose it sing it for the world (Karaoke Meet)

Hey there, stranger.

Some weeks ago we had a super nice meet at the Duke of Tokyo, a Japanese-style karaoke in the heart of Amsterdam. The lovely Rossella (@girlfromtherosegarden) took the time to organized it and gurl, what a great idea she had! I cannot thank her enough for this fun experience with the rest of the comm!

The lovely Lima (Nefferinthia) and I were the first to arrive, and we chatted for a while as the rest of the group was arriving. Lima is such a lovely girl, a big old-school lover; and fun fact, we discovered that we work super close by! So we agreed that we should meet for lunch one of these days.

Once the group was complete, we enter the pace and were guided to our private room. It was my first time at a karaoke place like this and, I must say, I liked it a lot, since having your own private place to shout like crazy while singing makes things easier.

We had two full hours of singing, drinks and laughs. From Disney songs to Bikini Kill, we sang almost every genre of music just to finish with 'The Final Countdown' in a very epic moment. We also took some time to shoot some photos around the place, although the lights were not very helpful for this, as it seems we were in a scene from Akira or something similar. 
The only 'not so good' thing from the karaoke was that we couldn't order food or snacks into our boot, but I guess that it can get pretty chaotic in there some times and that's why they don't offer that service. Outside of the karaoke rooms, you can stay and eat at the bar (which I may try one of these days after work!), so that's nice.

After all the singing, our throats were dry (and our bellies noisy), so we walked to an Australian bar nearby and had some dinner there together (while drinking some shots and shouting to the football match that was happening at the moment - Misako Aoki would have thought 'Most embarrassing behaviour' but of course, we didn't care!). We really had so much fun, and I feel very lucky and happy about finding here in The Netherlands such a lovely comm, really. 

Thanks, Lima for this photo!

Before leaving that day I took some outfit photos to show you my old-school-ish coord! I can't believe I own this beautiful Metamorphose Gobelin print, it's simply perfect and makes me so happy every time I wear it! I need more old-school pieces for sure, the garments back then were so beautiful and different from the ones nowadays (is not that nowadays they are not nice, but the style and vibe were different back when I started wearing Lolita fashion). 

Shirt - Customized
Cardigan - Arket
Skirt - Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Socks - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes - Monki
Bag - Emily Temple Cute

Friday, January 31, 2020

Nice places around Alkmaar: Soepp

Hey there, stranger.

You know when you pass by a place you've been wanting to visit so badly but you never got to enter? Well, that was me with this little lovely place where I live until last week! Since my friend Marta was visiting us for a week, I made a little tour around Alkmaar with her, and when we passed by Soepp, we decided that we should have lunch there that day.

As I said, before lunch we were walking around the city and we had the time to visit the Stedelijk Museum here, in which there is always a nice exhibition around. Also, it has a very nice and interactive part in which explains The Siege of Alkmaar by the Spanish Army almost five hundred years ago, a siege Alkmaar and its citizens won! Really worth visiting and learn about it!

After the long walk and the visit to the museum, our bellies needed some hot food since it was quite cold that day, so we decided to go back to this little corner in the heart of the Old Town. 

As you can see, the decoration of the place is totally my style! I love kitsch places full of old figures, furniture and toys. What immediately caught our eyes is that the menu was not only organic but also possible to make almost everything vegan! So we ordered some began nachos for starters and some delicious soup. 

Marta ordered a turnip soup and mine was a cheese soup (one of the few non-vegan options) that was really DELICIOUS, Luckily the bowls were not too big, because they were really fulfilling (so were the nachos!). You can enjoy here my happy face.

Yes, nothing makes me happier than nice food in good company, folks!
Of course, we couldn't miss the opportunity to shoot a couple of outfit photos on this adorable place in one of its corners. 

If you pass by Alkmaar and feel like visiting this lovely place, you can find it in Hekelstraat 31
Let me know if you do, I bet you're gonna like it!

PS: Thank you Marta for the photos <3


Jsk - Leur Getter
Turtleneck - &Other Stories
Tights, socks - Offbrand
Shoes - Bertie's
Beret - Second hand
Accessories - Handmade