Friday, June 05, 2020

[LBC] My First Experience Going Out In Lolita Fashion

Hey there, stranger.

This entry is quite special since it's the first time I'm participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival post of the week, but I thought the topic was so nice that I should write something, right?

To be honest, I don't remember exactly how was the first time I went out wearing Lolita fashion. I started many many years ago when it was basically impossible to get Lolita clothes in Spain (especially in the south, where I'm from) and we had to customized and make our own things by ourselves. It was not polished, it was not perfect, but I felt really good about it and I remember it like the beginning of discovering a part of myself that will stay with me forever.

Looking on the internet and old pages that I used back in the day I found some photos from 2004/05. I started wearing Lolita earlier, but rarely took any photos, so these are the earliest ones I could find.

These photos were taken at the entrance of a comic convention in Granada with my friend Armand. We started basically at the same time in Lolita fashion and was my partner in crime for many years. She used to make her own clothes and we made together with the capes we are wearing here (and that I still have, by the way).

I would actually say that my first experience going out in Lolita was with her, but without knowing it. We knew each other from going to the same bars and friends in common, but we didn't know we had the same passion for Lolita until one day in which I was wearing a terrible proto-lolita coord and she entered the bar where we all used to hang out wearing also Lolita clothes. We looked at each other, fascinated, and we started to talk about it immediately! I cannot explain how happy and amazed I was about finding someone who loved also this style. It made me feel more secure about what I was trying to do, and that night I found a friend for life.

This photo is saved from my Deviantart! I consider this a type of proto-punk lolita, very Visual Kei inspired, but I use to love wearing this. Marco and I were huge punk fans (we still are) and our looks were always similar to what we are wearing here.

Another one rescued from Deviantart, with Armand and Jezabel. This was maybe 2006/07? I can't recall exactly, since I know I uploaded the photo to Deviantart later, but I remember that day very vivid! We visited the Science Museum in Granada, one of my favourite places around the city, and took some magical photos there. It was such a nice place to visit.

Jezabel was the third addition to my Lolita gang during those first years into the fashion. For a long time, we only knew her as "the lolita with the blue coat", since we only saw her a couple of times from far away wearing a gorgeous Moitie blue coat that she owned. Finally, Armand crossed her path with hers one day and started talking, and that's how she joined us!

This photo must have been taken around 2008 when I was already living back in Algeciras but I was visiting Granada eventually for meets there. This Metamorphose skirt was a bargain I got during sales and one of my first ever "big" brand pieces. Of course, I still have it and nevertheless, I love it so much.

And this casual coord is from around 2009 before I moved to Barcelona. As you can see I've always had a very casual style, to be honest (and also a little bit mamarracha), but it's how I feel better. Looking back also to the photos I realized I should have never sold this black skirt from Anna House, but I did it years ago when I was not that sure about continuing with the fashion (yes, I've had some of those moments, although I never went on a selling binge!).

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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Indrolita Couture: A Dark Romance

Indrolita Couture

Photo session with Hats by Issis Starlust
Photos by Peachy Pitch

Dark and romantic, like a Victorian image, surrounded by mystery and decadent beauty. Indrolita Couture is Verónica, a Catalan designer in love with past times and Victorian mourning that with each meticulously hand-sewn piece gives us a work of art. Her style, also notably influenced by the figure of Mana (Malice Mizer), presents a mix of patterns and periods but focuses on providing simple and elegant garments with a dark and decadent touch.

Indrolita Couture

I am lucky to count Veronica as a great friend whom I have known for many years, back in the dawn of Lolita fashion in Spain. She always seemed to me a kind and humble person, willing to help you and delighted to create for you unique and special pieces. In all the years I have known her and ordered her clothes, she has never disappointed me, on the contrary, she has never ceased to amaze me. That is why I want to share my love for Indrolita Couture with all of you.
I hope you love it as much as I do.

indrolita Couture

♥ When did you first become interested in Lolita fashion and at what point did this lead to wanting to have your own clothing brand?
I discovered Lolita fashion in my teens, thanks to a Manga magazine. It caught my attention because it resembled the image of series like Candy Candy. In addition, at that time I already knew the Malice Mizer band, and it struck me that Mana, one of the forerunners of that style, wore this type of clothing.

Little by little I started to create my own clothes, as more than 10 years ago it was difficult to get this type of clothing in Spain. I also started creating some clothes for close friends and after studying, I decided to create the brand.

For my training, I studied fashion design in a private school here, while for pattern making I took a Higher Degree in Pattern Making and Fashion. Although I have to say that what has helped me the most has been observation and practice.

Indrolita Couture

Photosession with Hats by Issis Starlust
Photos by Trinity of Unity

Indrolita Couture

♥ Where does the inspiration to create your pieces come from?

I usually take inspiration from past times such as the Rococo and Victorian eras. From the Rococo I love its refilling and ostentation; and from the Victorian era, I take the silhouette as, although they were quite elaborate garments, already began to seem simpler to the eye, even more comfortable. I take all this inspiration and then I adapt it to the Lolita fashion.

On the other hand, I like to add a dark touch with mourning and lately with religious subjects, especially nuns. I think that I am adding interest in similar themes, due to my growing obsession to go more and more covered. I'm making garments that are longer to the ankles and long sleeves, even I'm always looking for headgear to cover and shelter the head. For that, I sometimes like to colaborate with different brands like Hats by Issis Starlust, Birds & Fresia or Ebony & Ivory.

♥ What about references?  Is there something or someone that can you take as a muse?

I've been very influenced always by classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein, especially the movies. Also, I have had in mind some Japanese brands such as Moi-Même-Moitié and Alice Auaa, the first one for their elegance and the second one for the decadence of their designs. Finally, I've also been influenced by the "street style", from magazines such as the Kera and the mythical Gothic and Lolita Bible, where you could see in their street style section how people mixes various styles.

♥ Something I've always wondered is, where does the signature "Indrolita" come from?

That's a good one! And it has a very easy explanation: years ago the mix of styles was called "Industrial Lolita" and from that concept, I got the name "Indrolita". It's that simple!

Indrolita Couture

Indrolita Couture

Hat by Ebony & Ivory

♥ How is the process of creating your pieces, from the initial sketch to the final result?

I must admit that I don't follow the usual process for my creations since I usually start from the fabrics that I have or that are easy to get in the stores that I usually buy the materials. From these textiles, I choose the theme and begin to sketch the designs, focusing on the silhouettes and/or decorations that they will have. Finally, I take the step of choosing the size and making its pattern and clothing.

♥ How do you execute the selection of materials?

I usually buy both fabrics and trimmings in physical stores in and around Barcelona, ​​including in antique markets. I have always preferred that fabrics enter by sight, but especially touch so that you know that it's a fabric that can be worked with and that has a quality so that it is durable. I don't usually use prints, but rather brocade or similar stuff, I think they are easier to use for the type of clothing that I design.

Indrolita Couture

Photo session with Hats by Issis Starlust
Photos by Peachy Pitch

Do you consider Indrolita a sustainable brand in any sense?

It can be considered sustainable in the fact that they're almost unique garments, due to the amount of fabric and trim that I usually use. I sew everything by myself (by hand and machine), which is a very artisan job. I don't do serial design, and I buy the materials from the local business, always looking for natural and durable supplies.

The only thing that I cannot assure is if in the manufacture of the fabrics they fulfil those requirements since in the stores and places where I purchase it does not indicate it, but otherwise, I think it is quite sustainable.

Indrolita Couture
Photos by Peachy Pitch

What has been your favourite creation or project so far?

Although I really enjoy creating Lolita garments, I must say that among my favourite projects is the making of Victorian-style dresses. In order to make this type of pieces, I relied not only on the Victorian garment design itself but also took influences from the dress Mana wears in Beast of Blood.

Indrolita Couture

Collaboration with the talented Olesya Parfenyuk

Indrolita Couture

What can you tell us about the future of the brand?
The future is so uncertain right now! At the moment I will go to the events postponed by COVID-19, such as Lolita in Green Gables and the Kera Catalana fashion event, in which both will present new garments.

As for projects, I have a dream pending, and that is that I would like to leave sometime the design of collections so I can be able to dedicate myself upon making garments for cinema, theatre and even musical groups. I've already started to take some baby steps and I've made some pieces for a band, but I would like to prepare myself more and take a specialized course here in Barcelona in order to have the proper training and have a new start as a brand. Who knows, maybe I could work for the big stage attire companies!

Indrolita Couture

And I hope these dreams come true, my dear Verónica!
Thank you so much for taking some time to answer my questions. I cannot wait to see what comes next to you, but I wish you a brilliant future.

All photos are used under the permission of Indrolita Couture

Indrolita Couture

Indrolita Couture

Friday, May 22, 2020

Anxiety Check: Back to the Real Life

Hey there, stranger. 

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and I wanted to check back on you about how you're doing with all this COVID-19 situation. I believe that the excess of information that the media has been bombing us for more than two months is not only confusing the population but putting us all at risk.
Today, citizens are unable to interpret themselves about what type of mask is the most suitable to use, how and when to go outside or how de-escalation works. And it seems that nobody understands the fact that we are facing a new, unique situation that has not happened before.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Looking for The Primary Colors (A Trip to London, Part III)

Hey there, stranger. 

My last two days in London a year ago were all about walking around and visiting fantastic places. After partying hard at the Cave Club the night before, Saturday was all about comfort food and visiting Camden Town. After 10 years without visiting there, you can imagine that the shock was quite big. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Interview to Violet Fane, haunting our dreams

When we think of Violet Fane we automatically enter a state of nostalgia and reverie, as if we were opening an old trunk in a dusty attic where fairies live and in whose corners whispers of ghosts are heard. Its creator, Magda, is a big fan of horror stories and vintage fashion, a passion that comes from a young age when she was not yet wearing Lolita clothing but was fascinated by history and Victorian garments.

I've known Magda for many years now, and she's been always this curious girl full of great ideas and not afraid to jump out of her comfort zone. Her creativity is immense and I believe that this can be reflected in her designs, full of little details, from the prints to the jewellery, all made meticulously with care and affection.
In this interview Magda explains a little about her, her professional career with Violet Fane and about the world devised for her brand, where through unusual prints she allows us to delve into the most mysterious side of Lolita fashion.

Welcome to the world of Violet Fane.

Sunday, May 03, 2020

Nice places around Alkmaar: Sweets & Antiques

Hey there, stranger.

If there's something I miss from the "outside" world, is having coffee, some sweets and a nice chat with a friend somewhere nice. Here in Alkmaar the perfect place for that, at least for me, is Sweets & Antiques and believe me, I miss it quite a lot!

In the old town of Alkmaar, you will find the candy store of Han and Esther, a lovely little place full of curiosities and nice food that will delight those with a sweet tooth. When you enter inside, you can see yourself in an old Dutch candy store from the early XX century, surrounded by more than 200 different types of candy contained in old glass jars and vintage cans.