Thursday, March 14, 2013

A list for a thursday.

 Last weekend

When did you wake up this morning?
At half past nine, my mom woke up.
What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
'Just a little bit more, please!'

 Have you called someone this morning who and what you said?
Nope! I texted some of my friends via Whatsapp but talked with no one.

What mood are you in?
Good, just a little bit sad 'cause I'm leaving on sunday my family and friends here!

 Jairo & me last weekend.
 Do you hurt anywhere?

My left ankle! Sometimes it hurts when it's too cold and damp... and here in Algeciras it's so damp!

If you could choose anything to eat right now, what are you hungry for?
Sushi! I'm always hungry for sushi and japanese food; love it.

 A couple of weeks ago at Sushi-Ya!

What did you do when you pulled your card last?
 Last friday when I bought a lovey t-shirt at H&M, with a blac peter pan collar and flowers... so cute!

 What was the first website you visited on the internet?
Today I didn't turn on the computer before now... so Facebook, my e-mail and bloglovin', where I read this list at Sandra's blog :)

What are you doing tonight?
Don't know! Maybe I'll have a few drinks with my friends, but there's no plan right now.

What is the first song you put on today?
No surprises by Radiohead, it's the sound of my alarm clock.

What do you think about your blog?
It's my little space on the net, where I share what I wanna share with all the people who reads me and where I can express whateer I want.
What did you do exactly one week ago, this time?
At this time I just arrived to Algeciras and I was having lunch with my mom!

 My shoes and tights one week ago

Do you think you will get a compliment today, for what?
I just received one a little bit ago, at the hairdressing, as the girls loved my hair... yaw, thank you <3
Are you photographing something later, and what?
I don't know; if I go out with my friends, maybe!

What have you done with the money today, what?
I went to the hairdressing with my mom, so I spent it there.
If you extend your legs straight out, what touches you in then?
The dining table on the lounge.
What are you wearing today?
My Misfits' t-shirt and my Oh my Love skirt, wich I really love!

 Hoy os dejo una lista de cosas que he robado del blog de Sandra ;) ¡Feliz jueves!


  1. Adoro esta canción!! y también coincidimos en el gusto por la comida japonesa....uhhmmmm

  2. What a fun idea! And I love your rain boots!


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