Thursday, June 17, 2010

ModaFad 2010

Tomorrow, Laia and I are going to a fashion show, Sub ModaFad, wich will take place in the metro station of Diagonal at 9 pm, and as it is free, you can go and see it!

There would be lots of great designer, but I want to talk aboutmy two favourite ones: María Escoté and American Perez.

María Escoté has released a collection inspired in the 50s, where you can see gorls with a very pin up style and wondrful shoes. Here are some pictures and the video of her last fashion show, at Cibeles.

American Perez has created a gorgeous collection for grown Lolitas, qith puffy skirts and lovely blouses... and that ping sweater is simply awesome!

Josep Abril, Gori de Palma, El Delgado Buil, Krizia Robustella, The Mystic Onion or karlotalaspalas would be some of the other designer invited for this event.

More tomorrow!!


  1. How lovely!You two will have fun,I look forward to seeing what you wear!
    I've tagged you,by the way!See my blog..........:)

  2. ooo i really like the jumpsuit and those skirts !

  3. the pink sweater with the face and whiskers is so quirky and cute.
    Have fun at the fashion show!

  4. Beautiful!!! The pink sweater is relly cute and original. Have fun at the MadaFad tomorrow.

  5. Wow!! Amazing looks! I love the pink sweater with the face.. :D

  6. Aquí bambas estampadas con manzanas rojas :)

  7. jajajaja, si Hollywood sin un duro!!
    que tal preciosa??
    como llevas tus proyectos? nos vemos pronto eeh?
    un beso

  8. Hola!

    Os dejamos un capitulo que hemos hecho en sobre el ModaFad en el Metro.



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