Monday, February 08, 2010

Links à la Mode: February 4th

links a la mode

The Love/Hate Relationship With Fashion

Edited by Debutante Clothing

I’m always complaining about going out to fashion events by myself – I just don’t have many friends that are into fashion. While some people think fashion is frivolous and contributes nothing to the world, others are curating museum exhibits featuring 20th century clothing. This week’s links made me think about the love/hate camps in fashion. Starting with Grit and Glamour’s post on bloggers getting backlash from fashion insiders, Houndstooth + Tortoiseshell’s refreshingly funny admission of Tavi envy, or Fab Lab’s hate of people who hate. But there is some love in sight – British Style Bloggers reminds us to look in the mirror and love ourselves. Enjoy!

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As you know, at Independent Fashion Bloggers exist the Links à la Mode; weekly, the best articles are chosen and I think that is interesting showing them to you; so here you have!!

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    1. Yo creo que el problema es que estamos acostumbrados a pensar que la moda es solo una industria, pero también puede llegar a ser algo muy creativo e incluso artístico. No tiene por qué ser algo frívolo, hay muchos diseñadores que tratan de evocar o expresar algo con sus diseños, y no se limitan solo a vender.

    2. Me encanta la nueva apariencia de tu blog ^^

    3. Como mola el nuevo diseño!!!**

    4. I don't check IFB nearly as much as I should, but they always have such interesting things! :D

    5. OH thanks so much for sharing! I definitely wanna check some of the articles out:)


    6. Que bonito está el blog, me gusta, algo retro y chic ^^
      mmm yo si creo que la moda es frívola en algunos aspectos XDD y no me mal entiendas, osea es bonita y como dice narci, puede lograrse la expresión de algo, no solo "imponer" a los borregos!! pero vamos al final es ropa y aunque a mi me encantee, creo que a veces puede ser superfluo si solo eso te importara en la vida, espero me entiendas ^^

      gracias por los blogs, ya vere algunos.


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