Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I like hunting you!

MissKellie has tagged me in this funny game, so of course I'm doing it, dear! Thanks!!
The rules are to post a list of things you like/love/hate, and then link to three bloggers who you admire!So...

I like boys who wear suits in an informal way and girls who looks lovely.

I like Twiggy.

I like reading books, but not romantic novels.

I like drink coffee in the morning, it's my favourite time of the day.

I like cold weather, with rain, snow and only a little bit of sun.

I like being with my friends.

I like music, it's one of the most important things in my life.

I like taking pictures, but in an amateur way.

I like the smell of tangerine.

I like sushi, I could eat sushi everyday.

I like wake up early and realize that is not the time for getting up, so I can sleep a little bit more.

I like to smile when I say "thank you".

I love being alive.

Today is going to be another wonderful day.

I hate politics.

I hate bad grammar.

I hate people who wants to be over other people only because they think that's cool.

I hate peppers and artichoke.

I hate people who doesn't value imagination.

I hate when I talk and nobody listen to me.

I hate wake up very late.

I hate when you talk to someone and he or she doesn't look you, like not paying attention.

All pictures from weheartit.

And I tag Laia, from Let me feel like a doll; Maria from Lulu Letty and Mo from Me, Mo and Myself!


  1. i hate waking up very late too
    i love waking up early and having a late night :P

  2. me gustan y no me gustan casi las mismas cosas que a ti.
    Muy entretenido tag.


  3. siii el sushi es una gran cosa ^^
    Como no conosco la nieve y el terrible invierno de europa, me quedo con la lluvia ajaja soy algo friolenta, prefiero brisa y sol.
    Saludos guapa


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