Friday, January 08, 2010

Poupée de Son...

I don't know why, but I can't stop listening to french music... specially France Gall!

Images: weheartit

... and it's weird, because France Gall never was one of my favourite french singers!

Anyway, remember what I told you a few days before about the buttons on my sidebar? Well, here's mine... who wants to share buttons?

The HTML code is: 
<a href="http://http//"><img src="" /></a>

The button is 150x150 px... do you like it?

Ah, I'm so exited about our Berlin's trip...! If you've been there... have you got any advice for us? What clothes should we get there? Any recomendation (places, museums, shops)...?

Only one week!


  1. Mi prima fue hace un par de semanas a Berlín y me dijo que hay una tienda que vende ropa de segunda mano al kilo y que el kg sale por menos de 15 euros. En cuanto hable con ella te digo cómo se llamaba la tienda en cuestión según me ha dicho ella se ha conseguido unas cuantas cosas vintage preciosas por un precio irrisorio.

  2. me gusta mucho el botón, quizá me haga uno y si quieres podríamos intercambiarlos.


  3. She's so beautiful. Love that first photo!!

    I will definitely trade buttons with you. You can find the link to mine in the sidebar of my blog.

    Lulu Letty

  4. Oh I feel it's so soothing to listen to french music...I think it's something to do with their accent:P

    Have fun in Berlin, I've never been there before so I can't be of any help lol!


  5. oo France Gall...I used to listen to her soooooooo much !!

    i put your button on my blog !!!

  6. jooo k wai berlin *_* llevame en tu maleta ♥ x3
    y tu botón ahi se va pa mi blog =D

  7. I hope you have fun in berlin

    I'm having a giveaway on buttons hope you can join ^^

  8. ay dios estás loca...has visto el tiempo q hace en berlín? te vas a morir de fríooooooo...pero lo pasarás genial...cualquier cosa q necesites de allí dudes en preguntar...

    besetes preciosa

  9. Yo se porque lo haces. Porque estas loca xDDD es bromaaaa!!!

    Berlín, debe ser precioso, pero solo su nombre me da frío XD

  10. jaja me parto con los comentarios de la gente xDD BERLIN!!!!!! ahí vamos a helarnos hahahahhahah

  11. Me encanta las estrellitas de la primera foto, por cierto, te sigo en twitter :) un beso!

  12. Warg! France Gall XD It's so old ^^
    I've never been in Berlin, I would like to go one day, too! I hope you will show some photos of your travel here!

  13. que envidia, quiero viajar ^^, bueno no tengo tips porque nunca he ido a Berlin XDD, ahm no conosco mucha musica francesa, pero si oigo alguna balada me agrada, es tan romántica ejeejej, yo oigo a la Emilie simons, la adoro!!! me encanta el botón ya lo pondré en mi blog en inglés ok,

    saludos muah!!

  14. I have a few French songs on my Ipod. I can't understand a word they're saying, but they sound so lovely! :)

    Have a great time in Berlin! I've never been there, but it's definitely on my list of places I'd love to visit! :D Be sure to take a lot of pictures to post!

  15. I love French music too. At the moment I have a thing for Serge Gainsbourg though!

    I have to tell you, -10 is pretty cold for my standards too. I live by the coast so it rarely gets that cold (although a few days lately it has indeed been that cold and it was practically unbearable) - I really hope it won't be quite that cold in Berlin!
    Anyway, to keep warm, wear many layers. If you like to wear dresses or skirts make sure you wear wool tights. You might even want to wear two pairs on top of each other since that usually helps. What matters the most is that your feet won't get cold because that will ruin your day, so wear shoes that have a thick, warm sole. And don't forget mittens (better than gloves since they keep your hands warmer than gloves), scarves and a hat!

    I went to Berlin almost two years ago and it was great. The eastern part is where it all happens!
    You need to go to the Jewish museum in Berlin. It is so striking, impressive and interesting. We only had two hours there which was way too little. It's the most interesting museum I've ever been to.

    Have an amazing trip!

  16. I've just gotten addicted to a few of her songs as well. Which is always funny to me b/c I can't understand a word of French.

  17. France Gall is sooo good. I discovered her a few years ago and I love how her songs sound so cheery, almost like children's songs.

    Have fun on your trip to Berlin!

  18. my first class is on tuesday ..

    well well is freaking cold here indeed, minus 20 last tuesday...

    im not quite sure i know so much though...I guess i ll say what's important for me is:

    - to always cover your head cause all the heat from your body "leaves" from there + when your ears are cold it hurts freaking bad

    - nose, fingers and toes are the places that have a tendancy to froze the fastest so make sure you take good care if them (u can use those handwarmer stuff that you "break" and it provides warm for a while)

    - put cream on your face and protect your lips !!

    - wear high socks so it also protect your leg under your pants or a pair of tights under your pants.

    - don't forget to eat and to have several tea and hot chocolate breaks;-)

    that's pretty obvious but that's all i can come up with to prevent me from freezing so far !

  19. Abrígate para Berlín, que hace mucho frío!!!
    No hay nada mejor que ir caminando junto al muro y luego ir al museo del muro, a mi me encantó!
    Y también mirar si hay algun mercadillo, seguro que encuentras cosas preciosas a muy buen precio!
    Sobre la comida...yo comí a base de Donner Kbaps (se escribe así?XD).

    Y bueno, sobre los zapatos melissa...hay una tienda aqui en Barcelona que venden casi todos los zapatos Melissa, si quieres quedamos y te llevo un día~~ <3 (También venden rocking horse y todo esta a muy buen precio!)

  20. i think that i listened some songs of france gall, and... i like it my little freedom! hahahah

    waiting for berlin...(L)

  21. I love her too, shes great!

  22. haha yeah, that's me :D funny that you found me!
    i've taken a break from football right now, but maybe i'll start play some day again ^^

  23. Berlin nightlife French music. <3

  24. Yu should go to the east (i think) part of Berlin. Vintage and 2-hand shops all over the place! And in Galeria at alexanderplatz they have the coolest tights. I think it was almost a floor with tights and socks.
    And at the milkabilly, if i don't remember it all wrong, they have the best icecream ever!
    Hope you'll have a great time in Berlin. It is alot to see there. Enjoy!

  25. me encanta la música francesa tb, bueno, todo lo francés en general! te vas a Berlín? yo alomejor voy pronto a comprar cosas para un negocio q queremos empezar.. secreto de sumario.. jaja
    cdo te vas?


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