Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shopping and meeting day!

Hi everyone! I hope that all of you are having a great day! Mine's been so great, I've been with lots of friends today!

This morning I was with Chris, Rocio, Danu and Manel for coffee and catch up, then went to eat at Sushi-ya and we were walking through the center of Barcelona. Dew me a couple of pictures that I have to go, it's an excellent photographer!

Later we went to the store Tamar, where we meet Gerard, Eva and Laia Let me feel like a doll, was eager to see them!

Laia and I must to go to the cinema to see The September Issue and make the fashion-freak around Barcelona!

Well, today I did some shopping and cute ...

Skirt from H&M


A pair of cute notepads from Sfera

And the most important... my Muse and mando Diao's tickets for their upcoming live concerts!!

Tomorrow I'm going to explore a bit and at night I'm going to a photo exhibition, as my dear Rocío exposes six photos! So, tomorrow, more!!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Museeee!!! LLevame contigo hija de tu madre XD Esos cupcakes tienen una pintaza tremenda *___* y a ver si hacemos complot contra la "Katarín" de los ****.

  2. yummmmmmmmmmmmy pastries
    and uber cute skirt
    omggggg soooo sorry i've been totally gone, sooo so busy, sorrrrry!!! okay totally catching up on ALL your posts and commenting all over it because i missed you soooooooo much!!!

  3. omg ur going to see Muse!!!!! *dies*

    thanks for ur comment ^^

    I love the pattern on the skirt and the notepads r so kawaii :3 I have a weak spot for cute stationary XD

  4. I am so incredibly jealous of your new skirt!!

    Gorgeous clouds.

    Oh, yes please ask your friend Rocio about night shoots! That would be so awesome.


  5. Oh my, that skirt must be the skirt of my dreams! It's ever so lovely!!!

    and MUSE!! You are one lucky girl:)

  6. Sólo diré: I love Mickey Mouse ♥

    Muases, preciosa :)

  7. Que falda mas linda!! amo las rosas.
    me alegro que estes biens por ahi!! pueeees bueno igual aun no me voy para allá, ahi luego quizas me das consejos!! ojala pudiera ir antes, para vacasionar.

  8. soooo pritty skirt!!! I´m loving it! And the first foto is incredible. I just can´t help it, but I looooove fotos of clouds and sky... Klishee? purhaps. but I love them anyway :) And the skirt is amazingly cute!
    XXX PS have a nice day in the exhibition.

  9. thank you so much,
    I love your blog.

  10. Ostras que buena pinta tiene eso!

  11. Adoro la Sagrada tienes oportunidad de conocer su historia y le que esconde cada rincón...te encantará...

    Estoy deseando ver las fotitos...

    Yo hasta el moño de trabajar...tengo gripazo y hasta el martes tengo demasiado trabajo...hoy con fiebre trabajando pero lo q toca...

    Bsitosss reinaaaaaaaaa

  12. Oh, what a cute skirt! Lovely colors and shape :D

    I love Muse... what a fun time you'll have!!

  13. Me hizo mucha ilu verte ayer!!!! A ver cuando quedamos y dios le tengo que decir a una amiga lo de The September Issue que tb quería ir a verla!!! Ya hablaremos! ;D

    por cierto, estoy flipando, ultimamente me pasan demasiadas cosas buenas xDDD pasate por WishWishWish y lo entenderás, estoy flipando~~~ xD

  14. wow! the skirt is amazing! And Muse & mando diao! Greeeaat! I wanna go with you! :D

  15. Hey there :)
    no sé como llegue al blog pero lo amé*-*
    and well
    Muse ♥
    take care


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