Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ode to Shiseido (and looking foward the spirng/summer collection)

About one year ago I bought this marvel of the cosmetics, and now I cannot live without it.

I mena, I had never used this type of product before i had this one; I was awful doing my eyeline with liquid eyeliner... but when I tried this eyeliner, it was as if my whole life had been using it.

I seriously recommend it, is an affordable, comfortable, practical and easy to use.

I discovered this product through the wonderful tutorials made by Amy B, which, if you not have seen, I recommend! Ask me Make up

By the way, I've been browsing the runways of Fashion Week in New York and London ... I am preparing a small article with the highlight for me ... but I loved many of the collections I've seen.


Anna Sui
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Betsey Johnson (yaw!)
Ralph Lauren (more yaw!)
Chanel *dies*
Louis Vuitton *dies more*

I'm glad to see that the sailor style still rules, and those masculine jackets and pants with t-strap shoes... yaw...

And finally, one thing more!! Sweet laia from Let me feel like a doll has given me a lovely award; I must say that it's the most beautiful that I've ever seen!

Thank you so much!

Here are the rules!

1. You have to put a song that makes you happy :)
2. You can tag as many people as you want, there is no limit :)
3. Say at least one thing about each blog you tag, that will make them smile, something nice about their blog that makes you smile when you read it! :)

So my happy song is this:

I really Love Emilie Simon, and this song is so cute (and the video too!)

So... I tag:

Misangela from Mudos Pensamientos, because she's my little lovely Japan freak and I love her so much; her post always makes me smile, because she's always talking about what's in her head and Japanese doramas, hahaha!

Daria & Willow from Pigtails and Blushing Cheeks; because they both has got a lovely style that makes me sigh, your posts are very useful, since they have DIY, inspiration and dreams... chek them out if you don't know them!

And finally, Carmen from Carmen's blog; because she's so cute and her post are so fresh, her entries always steals me a smile, and I love to read about her life.

So... that's it!!

Have a nice day and remember... smile!!


  1. Los modelos de chanel son Muerte... pero Muerte en Venecia
    ¿Dónde está Lazlo?

    Y apruebo la elección de Emilie Simon ^^

  2. JUAS yo que me he pasado el verano diciendole a mi madre que el look marinero y mira Chanel XDDD yo me parto en serio

    me tengo que poner a mirar las colecciones de primavera que solo he visto de refilón la de Luela (dios con el vestido de Alexa...) y la de Marc by Marc y me han encantado!

    Tengo que hacerme tb con un eyeliner de esos, es bestial! Me encantan las fotos estas, con la cinta, el corazoncito y tu melena pelirroja! En serio que nosé si hacermelo yo también o no xDD

    y la canción me ha encantando (L)

    besos! uy y ya me pasarás el link de la web aunque ahora tengo vistas unas YSL Tribute por unos 110 € y nosé si pedirmelas o algo xD me ha dado fuerte por los tacones y plataformas de infarto....

  3. Wow, you did such an amazing job with your eyeliner. I might have to buy that brand, but I'm really bad with any liquid type liner.

    Congratulations on the award!!!

    And I seriously love, I mean LOVE all the designers you chose. They are all my faves. And I seriously die for Ralph Lauren and Chanel.

  4. oohhhh ♥♥
    que super mona eres XDD

    yo que venía a decirte: He de confesar, que yo soy mucho más de Bourjois y su eyeliner y me encuentro con eso.
    Thank you ^^

  5. Jos :( yo llevo año y medio buscando un eyerline decente que no se corra y que no me enguarre con él porque no tengo pulso pa esas cosas T____T
    Voy a pillarme este que recomiendas a ver que éal :)

  6. ive been lookingat their products for around a year now but I've only realy been into makeup.

    Thanks for recommending it ^^

    congrats on getting the blog award ^^

  7. omggg i love those pictures of you
    when i was clicking to get to your blog
    i saw your new profile picture
    and i already loving your picture
    and wanting to tell you how awesome it was!!!

  8. Eeeeeeeeee! Thank you for the award...made my day. Hehehee. I will mention it in my next blog post.


  9. That Luella dress is just about the most gorgeous thing I've seen all day. I love the neckline.

  10. THANK YOU <3, we appreciate it so much :D!!!! your picks for the new season are fantastic, especially that heart cut out Luella dress, simply superb ^^!

  11. I love your make-up and pics you posted. Only just found your blog today, nice posts!


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