Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday inspiration: Christina Rosenvinge and some new stuff on my wardrobe

Christina Rosenvinge is my favourite female spanish singer. She was born at Denmark, but she move here when she was young ans started to sing when she was a teen. I met her music when I was very young, I used to hear songs from her duteto with Alex de la Nuez; "Alex and Christina".

After that she formed a rock band called "Christina y los Subterráneos", but finally in 1997, she started her solo career as Christina Rosenvinge. She's been at the USA singing with Lou Reed and Sonic Youth; her voice is so soft, broke, sweet...

I've been following her since I can remember; in spanish, in english... Every time I go to a concert, I go excited as if for the first time I saw her; and always wait for the exit, it is a habit and when she sees me, she reminds me.

With Nacho Vegas, they recorded a disc together.

I leave you here a pair of clips of ther music; if you'll listen to them, tell me what you think about her!

And one of my favourite songs: German Heart (this in a live concert is awesome).

Last week I bought a few things for the upcoming fall and winter seasons:

The socks and black shoes are from Bodyline; and the lovely leopard coat is from Zara... winter, come here and bring some rain!!

Have a nice day!


  1. increible que tengamos a alguien tan bueno en el panorama de la música española O.o es brutal esta chica!

    por cierto! la Lula la encontré por pura chamba, si me la llevé junto con la Nylon y el chico se sorprendió y me soltó: "te llevas las dos más buscadas" xD

  2. Que bonito todo lo que compraste!! acá como no hace trifrío, no usamos abrigos XDD.. ahm que talla compraste de zapatos??

    No tenía idea de esta cantante, su musica no se porque pero me lleva a algo tan retro, tranquilito, muy bonita su voz ;)


  3. Wow, not only is Christina stunning, but her music is so lovely and soothing.

    I am so very envious of your leopard coat!

  4. hago chas...
    cuando era pequeña su hermana (de Cristina...) fue mi vecina un tiempo, creo que poco, hasta que se fue :P
    (igualmente me mudé y ya no vivó allí xD).

    te dejo que me llames inculta musical, pero aunque obviamente la conocía nunca la había escuchado detenidamente, y me encantan las canciones que has puesto! *_______* así que mañana y esta semana escucharé más!!

    me encantan los calcetines y los zapatos^^

  5. Gracias por tu comentario, yes I did it myself ^^ just playing though, but it was a fun dress to do :)

    Y si hablo español, lo aprendi desde pequeña ;)
    Me encantaron los calcetines con "print" de zapato!

  6. me encanta lo que te has comprado! joo y la foto con ello puestooo *_* XDD aiiis es que soy fan de tus fotos x333 me encantan *_*

    no conocia a esta cantante, cuando llege a casa me veo los videos *-*! k estoy en el curro y tengo k escuchar rumbitas y flamencoooooo !! ;O;

    un beso guapa :3!

  7. heheheh those socks are adorable! and thanks for posting about her, I had not heard her stuff!

  8. I'd love to see a photo of that coat being worn.

  9. omgggggggggggg i just saw your shoes and they say omggggggg my favorite store in japan, EVERRRRRRR i went crazy in harajuku when i was there last month!!! GOSH OMG and they have flat rate shipping this month. i've already got a HUGE online shopping cart going. and as we speak i am wearing my bodyline jacketttttttt. i'm so obsessed. do you know any other stores like bodyline?

    thank you SO much for the links. they're awesome!!!

    sorry that like my lifeee :OOOOOO
    i lovee ehr hair, im so enviouss.. i hate that i chopped all my hair off. it pisses me off SOO MUCH

  11. Omg!!! You have the jacket from Zara that I want.



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