Thursday, September 03, 2009

Black & Red today...

So this is what I was wearing today... very fashion for work? Some people told me that, but well, I don't mind, haha!

T-shirt and black pants - Zara
Socks - TopShop

Shoes - Mustang

Red Necklace - Claire's

The place where I've done the photos is a backyard from the office where I work; is a beautiful place and where you can have relax five minutes a day.

And by the way, today I've receive a present! Rita, a charming Moroccan woman who sometimes comes to the office, give me this:

Yes, it's a lovely pair of vintage earrings; they seem to be very old and they match perfectly with my outfit from today, that's why she gave it to me... thank you, Rita!

That's all for the momment; this weekend i hope I'll go out with my friends... tomorrow, Friday (at last...!).

Have a nice evening!


  1. nice pattern behind the earring and i love ur outfit ^^

    tehe jus found out how to use my twitter properly XD

  2. omggggggg i love that shirt
    you have such an awesome hairstyle
    i wish i could pull that off
    so edgy!

  3. que monos los pendientes y dios como me ha dado con el rojo ultimamente xDDD

  4. que guapa *_* !!
    te queda genial es conjuntito que te has montado *-*
    tu camiseta es amorio total! (L)

  5. oh, your outfit looks so lovely dear and those vintage earings are beautiful. and thankyou ever so much for your wonderful comment! ♥

  6. You look adorable! The shirt is just amazing, love the print at the front!
    Cute earrings too:) :***

  7. RE: the pin idea is such a good idea! i want to try that, i just have to find a good pin that's really big and obvious, i'm thinking of something victorian inspired!

    if you cut your hair, how short would you cut it? if you grow it out though, your hair colors would look uber dramatic!!! which would be really edgy and cool!

  8. Awesome shirt! Love the earrings, and the garden does look relaxing!


  9. Oh, my... I really like your necklace, I mean, it just simply stood out amongst the black ;D and black/red combo is really one of my favorite, haha


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